Learn to Dance like the Stars

Learn to Dance like the Stars

Dancing with the Stars just started its twenty-first season, and millions of viewers are watching every week as personalities including athletes, television and movie stars, singers and war heroes try to learn to dance like a pro. During their summer tour across the United States, one of the dancers joked that he never thought that he would be as big of a star as he trained for his career in ballroom dancing. (Then women of the audience screamed in delight).  The dancers were surprised, but also thrilled, that the show has become so popular for so many years, and, along with it, ballroom dancing.

Week one, most of the new stars are usually pretty shaky – rarely has a dancer gotten “10s” the first week from judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, Len Goodman or Julianne Hough.  But there are a few that stand out already.  We pick our favorites, and hope they dance better next week – start holding their arms up higher, and getting their footwork down better.  We watch, and love the theme of the night, the costumes and the props, and hope our favorites make it through the difficult Foxtrot or Paso Doble. And they do improve, week by week, and lesson after lesson.  Practice pays off, and we start seeing more “10’s”.

Some of us want to dance around the room with them, and we get up off our couch and glide around, or save that for when no one is home (until we improve a little). And by the end of the four-month season, the stars that have completed their weekly lessons, and are transformed into ballroom dancers.

Some of the stars get cut and never get a chance to continue, practice weekly, and get really good at gliding across that dance room floor by the end of the season , but you can have that chance with Forrest Vance. Forrest Vance, like our Val, Derek or Michael from DWTS, a ballroom dancing professional.  He is a 5 Time Undefeated U.S. American Rhythm Champion and Professional Hall of Fame Award winner, and can teach you to dance in the privacy of your own living room.  There are both DVD and livestream options available for you to learn with.  Learn more about Forrest Vance, his online and in person lessons, and you can be learning all those fancy dance moves in no time!


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