Learn to Dance Online – It Could be for You

Variety of Dances. 

There are so many types of ballroom dances that it makes it suitable for so many types of people. Some of the dances are very low impact, and can be great for some senior citizens and beginners who may have not done regular exercise for a few years. (Of course, you should always have a new exercise plan approved by your physician).

I don’t have any special dance skills. 

Beginning ballroom dance does not require any special dance skills or ability. If you have the desire to learn, you should schedule some time to start lessons. Ballroom dancing is all about the position you hold yourself (the framing), the steps, and the rhythm. Repeat these a few times, and they may start to feel natural.

Poise and Grace. 

If you have always wanted to move a little more gracefully, then practicing holding yourself and gliding across the floor could really help you do this. It would get you in the mindset that you can move gracefully, and can carry it over to your everyday life.  It’s a confidence builder!

I just got invited to an event. 

If you would like to have some more dance moves at that wedding, class reunion or company party that is coming up, ballroom dancing could provide this for you. You don’t have to be the wallflower anymore! Even after just a few lessons you can start moving great on the dance floor. Or practice even longer to become an expert before the big day!


It is so much more fun on the dance floor if you know some special moves to use.  If you love the music and the dance scene, but have never had the moves to get out there on the dance floor with confidence, learning a few fancy steps is just what you need! You can join in all the fun.

I want something new to do with my partner.  

Are you bored of all your regular activities?  Is it time to spice it up a little? Ballroom dance is a great activity for the two of you to learn together. We all get in the same routine of doing the same activities over and over again – whether it is going to the same restaurant or sporting event, having the same group of friends over, or just doing the same thing as last week. Every so often you have to add something new into the rotation!

Embarrased to not know the steps.

If you really want to learn to ballroom dance, whether it’s the graceful glide of the waltz or the sassy movements of the latin dances like the samba or the cha cha, all it takes is practice.  If you try the steps over and over, and repeat them till you get them right, but would rather not have an audience, then learning at home may be just right for you! Forest Vance has this available through DVD’s or livestream options.

Start Today 

Whatever the reason ballroom dance is right for you, you can start today to learn to dance with Forrest Vance in the comfort of your own home.  Log on now and you can be learning the smooth moves and fancy footwork of ballroom dancing in no time! Forrest Vance also has an option of Country Western DVD’s if the Two-Step or the Western Swing is more your style.



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